A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Android

Orb Defender is an arcade-platformer game set inside a computer. You are a sphere that consists the last data on the computer and there are virus cubes that are attempting to attack you. Its unique gameplay make the game different and challenging. As time lapses as you play, gameplay gets harder, faster and intense.

The goal is simple: Dodge the cubes. Jump over the cubes or teleport away from them. You are equipped with one layer of anti-virus shield. How long can you go?

For Android 4.1 and Up

Note: That The Windows & Mac Versions Aren't Up to Date

Install instructions


  1. Extract OrbDefender_Windows.RAR file
  2. Open Orb Defender.exe
  3. Play & Enjoy!


  1. Extract OrbDefender_Mac.ZIP file
  2. Copy Orb Defender to Applications
  3. Open Orb Defender.app
  4. Play & Enjoy!
  1. Extract OrbDefender_Android.RAR file
  2. Install OrbDefender1.1.apk
  3. Play & Enjoy!


Orb Defender Windows 32 MB
Orb Defender Mac 27 MB
Orb Defender Android 26 MB

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